Agreement close on Croke Park deal after four unions walk out

Liam Doran of the INO.

A deal on an extension to the Croke Park Agreement is close.

A source close to the talks has confirmed work is ongoing on a final text after talks continued through the night.

It is believed that they are close to reaching agreement on saving €1bn off the public sector pay bill.

Last night, four unions walked out on the discussions brokered by the Labour Relations Commission saying the Government's agenda is "simply unworkable".

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation, UNITE, the Irish Medical Organisation and the Civil Public and Services Union withdrew from the talks, saying they did not think the Government's plans are realistic.

INMO spokesperson Liam Doran explains the tipping point: "All of us have collectively decided that the talks on the Croke Park extension agreement had no capability of protecting our members' interests, of maintianing their existing income and of recognising the economic reality that those members are in."

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