Age Action reports busiest year ever amid funding issues

Age Action has recorded its busiest year in its 21-year history.

The charity for older people says the demand on it's services is down to a number of reasons including cuts being faced by the elderly.

The body argues that the continued reductions in benefits and services are imposing greater pressures on those living alone, with little or no family support, and those with disability or in poor health.

Eamon Timmons of Age Action says they are also facing an uphill battle in terms of funding it's services:

"The organisation is doing everything in its power to keep its services going

"Certainly, the controversy over rehab and the central remedial clinic has damaged the entire NGO sector and charity sector.

"The board of Age action is committing to the members that it aims to provide the very highest of standards when it comes to ... transparency."

"So the funders can be sure that they money they're providing us is being spent wisely, and well."

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