Age Action makes budget submission to tackle poverty among elderly

The Government is being urged to tackle growing poverty levels among pensioners.

In its pre-budget submission, Age Action Ireland is calling for an extra €5 on the state pension, and the reversal of benefit cuts.

It says a major increase in home-help hours is needed, with the aim of bringing the service to an extra 22,000 people next year.

Justin Moran from Age Action also says a 'Reablement Programme' would be a cost-effective way of keeping the elderly at home after an illness.

Mr Moran said: "It's like a\ very intensive burst of support that we give to an elderly person for about three to 12 weeks, enabling and teaching them how to live independently after they have come out of hospital.

"All of the research shows that once you provide that reablement programme for somebody their need for homecare is even eliminated and at least greatly reduced."

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