Adams' solicitors to contact PSNI over McConville investigation

Gerry Adams says he has asked his solicitors to contact the PSNI over his potential involvement in an inquiry into the death of Jean McConville.

It is reported today that the PSNI are preparing to contact the Sinn Féín president over allegations made in interviews conducted by Boston College.

In a statement this evening he said he understood the anger of the McConville family over the failure to bring her killers to justice.

But he said he had no part in what he called the "terrible injustice" of her abduction and death.

“The issue of the past needs to be dealt with and I and Sinn Féin are committed to this," he said.

"We have argued for an independent, international, truth recovery process. However, if this cannot be agreed then we are seeking the implementation of the Haass compromise proposals.

"These include the right of families to choose whether to pursue legal action or to seek maximum truth recovery.”

Adams also heavily criticised the Boston College project which recorded the interviews in question, saying it was "an entirely bogus, shoddy and self-serving effort by those involved."

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