Accused told passers-by 'someone is going to get killed tonight'

Lawyers representing a 20-year-old Dublin man who attempted to attack two civilians and six gardaí with kitchen knives have claimed that he was legally insane during the incident.

Paul Clarke of St Cronan's Avenue, Swords denies 12 charges including assault, possession of a weapon and endangerment on June 22, 2012.

The jury has heard the incident started when Clarke produced a knife and told three male passers-by on the Rathbeale Road in Swords that "someone is going to get killed tonight".

The three men escaped and dialled 999.

When seven gardaí arrived at the scene Paul Clarke attempted to stab an officer through the window of a garda car before threatening other gardaí with two knives.

He appeared to have blood smeared around his mouth and face and was apparently unaffected when gardaí used pepper spray on him.

He was finally convinced to give up his two knives which he did by throwing them up in the air.

The defence do not contest that any of this happened, but they will call a consultant psychiatrist to say the then-teenager was suffering from schizophrenia and was therefore legally insane.

The prosecution have indicated they will not challenge the psychiatric evidence, saying it is for the jury to decide.

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