Accused joked about killing his housemate days before fatal stabbing

A jury has heard how a man joked with his landlord about killing his housemate in Dublin just days before he stabbed him to death.

Jacky Lumi admits killing Kamal El Habsati but insists he was acting in self-defence after a fight broke out at their flat in Ballymun.

In early December 2012, Kamal El Habsati was found with a knife sticking out of his chest in the bathroom of the flat he shared with Jacky Lumi.

He was stabbed 21 times.

A few days beforehand, Mr. Lumi told his landlord he wanted to move out and said he was going to kill Kamal in a comment that was taken up as a joke.

During this trial, the jurors were told that the men used to argue over unpaid household bills and the messiness of their apartment.

An argument over their broadband led to a fight on December 1, 2012, and Jacky admitted pushing a knife into Kamal's chest after he refused to pay a bill.

In closing, lawyers for the DPP claim Mr Lumi wasn't provoked and deliberately set up his housemate for a fight that cost him his life.

Counsel for the accused says their client "snapped" and acted in self-defence after a knife appeared.

The jury is due to begin its deliberations tomorrow.

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