Accidental death verdict at Cork air crash inquest

Verdicts of accidental deaths have been returned for all six victims of an air crash in Cork in 2011.

The Manx 2 flight from Belfast crashed at Cork Airport in thick fog.

Coroner Frank O'Connell told the jury they were entitled to conclude from the evidence that the pilots were doing their best to land the plane safely, and that the weather conditions at the time were a significant factor.

Assistant State Pathologist Dr Margaret Bolster told the court that all victims either died instantly at the moment of impact, or were immediately knocked unconscious and passed away within moments of the crash.

Speaking to RedFM, the Head of the Aviation Department at Stewarts Law, James Healy-Pratt, said despite the verdict, there may be a more complex story.

"This is a technical coroner's verdict, which says accidental death," he said.

"We've had two days of evidence and we have a very thorough report which suggests there may be a more complex story underneath that.

"One of the submissions we made to the coroner was that perhaps it might be more appropriate for what's called a 'narrative' verdict to be delivered."

He said that under the law, "that was considered not appropriate."

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