Abbey Theatre to appear before Oireachtas Committee

The Abbey Theatre will come before an Oireachtas Committee today after a letter of concern was sent to the Culture Minister.

Over 400 industry professionals signed the letter, which expressed dissatisfaction around the direction taken by the national theatre since the appointment of its new Directors in 2016.

Irish Playwright Jimmy Murphy says the Abbey used to produce its own work, on its own terms.

He claims that since the new Directors took over two years ago, that has changed.

"What we have are theatre companies - well intentioned, nobody is criticising the companies taking advantage of this - presenting plays from all around the country at different levels, different standards and the Abbey has just lost its voice now," said Mr Murphy.

"All you really have is someone in an office pressing a button and maybe sending off a cheque or two to the companies.

"There is no vision anymore. It's just become a hub."

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