8,699 people homeless across Ireland this month

8,699 people are now homeless across Ireland, according to the latest government figures.

The Department of Housing says this marks a drop of 177 on the numbers accessing emergency accommodation in May.

Meanwhile, the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive is aware of six deaths over the past week or so, while another homeless man was found dead in Cork city yesterday.

According to the latest figures, in terms of homeless adults, Dublin is the worse affected county with 4173 people seeking emergency accommodation.

That is followed by the South West (Cork and Kerry) where 502 people are currently homeless.

CEO of Dublin Simon Community, Sam McGuinness says it has been a devastating period:

"That is really sad and we can only offer condolences to the friends and family of those people.

I think that presently people who are on the street or homeless are struggling with a lot of mental health issues.

"We really need health supports to come in behind people in emergency accommodation and who are on the streets as well.

Meanwhile, Focus Ireland welcomed the overall fall in the number of people who are homeless in June.

The charity said they are urging the new government to keep people, especially renters, safe in their homes while the threat of Covid-19 to public health still looms.

They also expressed "Grave concern that weaknesses in the legislation to extend protection to renters in the private rental sector who have been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic will result in a new surge in homelessness"

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