7,651 people on roads with multiple driving bans; AA blames technology gap

Update 10.15am: Conor Faughnan of AA Ireland blamed a lack of joined up technology for the failure to ensure thousands of banned drivers are kept off the roads.

He said: "The Gardaí do not have adequate technology. The databases are not joined up. When I'm stopped, the garda should be immediately able to see who's on the insurance policy and who is licensed to drive it."


New road safety figures show there are 7,651 drivers with multiple bans on our roads.

The RSA says banned drivers are responsible for killing between 11 and 14 people each year.

Some are professional drivers working on buses, vans and lorries. It is believed that in most cases, their employers are not aware of the drivers' criminal convictions and bans.

The Irish Times claims that refusing to surrender a licence is a criminal offence, but that almost 98% of banned drivers refuse written requests to hand over their licences, and there appears to be no consequence.

The RSA is seeking a register of banned drivers which is would publish on its website.


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