70% of people 'concerned' following gangland violence in Dublin

A recent survey about gang violence reveals that 70% of people are concerned about recent violent episodes in Dublin.

The majority of the respondents (91%) think more actions are necessary to tackle the problem.

The survey carried out by iReach has also found that 49% are satisfied that some effort has been made, but more could be done while the other 42% think not enough has been done to tackle the problem.

iReach Insights conducted a ‘nationally representative’ survey of 1,000 adults to investigate peoples thoughts on safety with the rising number of violent episodes related to gangland violence.

They found that gang violence is becoming an increasing concern with escalating violent episodes in Dublin over the last few weeks

In addition, 28% of Irish people think all Gardaí should be armed, but still the majority of respondents (68%) would limit this only to an armed special unit. Only the remaining 4% think it’s not necessary at all to arm our Gardaí.


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