64-year-old Carlow woman wins best dressed in Aintree

Carlow woman, Faith Amond has just won the style award at this year’s Aintree races.

The 64-year-old mother-of-three, has been attending Aintree for the last 15 years, even throughout her cancer treatment.

"When I had breast cancer, I was on chemotherapy for a year and I came here that year, wig and all,” she told the Liverpool Echo.

"I'd lost my hair but I managed to get the wig, hat and all. It wasn't easy but I thought 'I'm going to go to Aintree’”.

She brought three outfits to this year’s festival and this one in particular she put together herself, from different outfits she had bought last year.

Her dress was by Irish designer Elizabeth Kennedy and her hat by another Irish designer by the name of Jennifer Wrynne.

"It just all worked together. It's just such an honour to be winning at Aintree, there was such great style," she added.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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