62.4% vote Yes for marriage equality

A national declaration is expected within the next two hours as results continue to show Ireland has voted Yes to marriage equality.

To date this afternoon, 62.4% (470,677) have voted in favour of marriage equality, and 37.6% (283,249) have voted against.

The latest result is from Dublin Mid-West show that 29,984 voted Yes, while 12,291 voted No.

In Dublin South West, 32,010 voted Yes while 12,901 voted No.

In Dublin West, 29,690 voted Yes , while 12,350 voted No.

Sligo-North Leitrim was the first constituency to declare with a 53.57% yes vote.

A final national declaration is expected to be made at Dublin Castle before 6pm.

The Tánaiste and Labour leader Joan Burton dubbed today Rainbow Day and the No side has conceded defeat.

Just before 3pm today, Sligo-North Leitrim won the race to be the first constituency to officially declare a result in the marriage equality referendum - 53.57% in favour and 46.43% against on a near 58% turnout.

Others have followed - Waterford, Meath West, Cork South Central, Wicklow and Galway East

These results will play out repeatedly in the coming hours as each constituency delivers its result before the final national declaration from Dublin Castle, which is expected before 6pm.

From the off when the boxes were opened this morning, the Yes votes spilled out two to one over no in many parts of the country.

In Dublin, some areas voted Three-one in favour and some boxes were as high as 90% Yes.

While the vote was not as overwhelming in many other parts of the country, most if not all constituencies are expected to vote Yes.

The only exception may be Roscommon South Leitrim where the tallies have it too close to call. A miraculous medal was found with a vote in one box.

Constituencies like Donegal, Tipperary, and Cork North West - which often buck the trend are all on course to vote for marriage equality.

The celebrations are already underway on the streets around Dublin Castle ahead of the final declaration that Ireland has made history and become the first country to pass equal marriage by popular vote.

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