60 Dublin families served eviction notices

Update 1.22pm

Dublin West Sinn Féin representative Cllr Paul Donnelly will present an emergency motion at tomorrow’s Fingal County Council monthly meeting to highlight the proposed eviction of 208 tenants in Tyrrelstown in the coming months.

Cllr Donnelly said: “I will be calling for a suspension of standing orders tomorrow at our monthly council meeting to highlight this catastrophic news for 208 families in Tyrrelstown are facing eviction, many of whom are social housing tenants.

“They are shocked that their homes were bought by venture capital group Goldman Sachs who, along with Davey Stockbrokers controlled group, European Investment Group and Twinlite Developers, are moving very quickly to evict them.

“I have spoken to residents many of whom have been in their current accommodation for over 10 years and who are terrified as to what the future holds for them.

“I am calling on Twinlite to assure their tenants that they will not move to evict anyone who cannot find alternative accommodation and secondly for Fingal County Council and the Department of Social Protection to immediately set up a working group to identify all tenants of Twinlite who are at risk of homelessness and to start working with them immediately to help them.

“In the long term, we need whatever new government that comes together to acknowledge that we are in an emergency situation and that it becomes a top priority.

“We need to start building homes again on a massive scale, Sinn Féin have proposed the building of 100,000 social and affordable homes. The time for talking is now over, action is needed and the people will accept nothing less.”

Update 11.22am

The Minister for Transport has said vulture funds are bound by the same regulations as other landlords when it comes to evictions.

Around 200 families in west Dublin risk losing their homes as the properties in Cruise Park in Tyrrelstown have been sold to a vulture fund to meet debts by a property developer.

60 families have already received notice to quit.

Minister Paschal Donohoe has said they cannot just be thrown out of their homes: “They have to follow the same rules as everybody else.

“Crucially, they are also subject in many cases to the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman.

“That change came in last summer, precisely in anticipation of a worry like this developing.”

Update 10.44am

Over 200 families in Dublin are facing eviction, as their homes look set to be sold to meet debts by a property developer.

60 families in the Cruise Park area of Tyrrelstown have already received notices to quit their rented homes.

The Sunday Business Post reports that the notices were issued after a Goldman Sachs vulture fund bought an €89m loan on the Cruise Park development.

Legislation requires that long-term tenants be given a minimum of between four and five months notice to vacate a property.


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