€500m development project announced for Limerick

A €500m development project has been announced for Limerick.

It has the potential to provide 5,000 jobs for the area.

The Limerick Twenty Thirty programme has been tasked with re-developing 1.4 million square feet of prime real estate at four sites in the county.

Those sites being the Gardens International Office on Henry Street, Opera Site at Rutland Street, The Cleeves Riverside Campus on the banks of the River Shannon at Fernhill and the Troy Studios Film Hub in Castletroy.

They will be turned into state-of-the-art office, retail, residential, education and enterprise space - with some development already started. 

It is a development that could deliver 5000 jobs - on a a day where almost 700 other new jobs were announced. 

CEO of the IDA Martin Shanahan says it shows the Apple tax ruling is not proving bad for business: “Our investors and potential investors understand very well what Ireland have to offer.

“They understand where we are at. The commission decision is now parked back in a judicial process, you know we have had a investigation for three years we will now have a judicial process which now might take as long again.

“ From an investors perspective they are clear that this hasn't called into question Ireland's tax rate or tax regime.” The roles announced today are situated around the country... General Electric has announced plans for a new biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Cork that will create 500 jobs.  40 new jobs have been announced in Dublin at pharmaceuticals company Mallonckrodt. OneView Healthcare are to hire 100 people with 50 based in Dublin. While MathWorks has announced 50 jobs at a new centre in Galway.

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