300% more properties available on Airbnb than Daft.ie in Dublin

There are 300% more properties for rent on Airbnb in Dublin than there are to rent on Daft.ie.

The Sunday Independent reports that management companies are resorting to canceling key fobs if owners are found to be using their apartments as short term lets.

Journalist with the paper Colette Browne says the difference in the figures on the two websites shows something is amiss.

"Eoghan Murphy is aware of this at the moment and he said they're looking into it and what they're doing is trying to come up with a memorandum of understanding between Airbnb and the housing department," said Ms Browne.

"A memo of understanding doesn't exactly sound like it's going to be very legally enforceable, or very watertight or airtight, so I don't think a memo of understanding is really going to really cut it," she added.

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