2% growth in support for FF, FG unchanged at 30% in one of last polls before election

One of the last opinion polls before this Friday's election shows no change for Fine Gael at 30% - 10 points ahead of Fianna Fáil.

Fianna Fáil has seen a growth of 2% and is polling at 20% of first preference votes in the latest poll, while both Labour and Sinn Féin are down one point.

The Red C phone poll for Paddy Power was conducted between last Thursday and Sunday (the final weekend in the campaign) among 1,002 adults.

Poll results (% of first preference votes):

Undecideds - 7%, down four points;

FG - 30%, no change;

Lab - 7%, down one point;

FF - 20%, up two points;

SF - 15%, down one point;

Independents - 28%, no change.

The Independents vote breaks down into 16% for Independent candidates, including 2% for Independent Alliance candidates,which is a gain of 2% on the last poll;, 4% for the Social Democrats; 3% for Anti Austerity Alliance - People Before Profit; 3% for the Greens (down 1% on the last two polls) and 2% for Renua.

The poll suggests a trend for a move from Undecided to voting for Independent candidates continues.

The poll shows the chance of the combined share of the vote between Labour and Fine Gael being enough to secure a majority is now very slim.

Party leaders:

There are strong gains in satisfaction with the performance of Micheál Martin (up from 33% to 54%) and for Enda Kenny's rating, which is up by 7% to 47%.

However, approval ratings are largely static for Joan Burton (30%, up by one point) and for Gerry Adams (30%, down three points)

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