€129,000 of Home Sweet Home donations to be given to groups fighting homelessness

The group behind the Apollo House movement has announced what it plans to do with left-over donations following last year's campaign for the homeless.

Around €129,000 that was not spent will go into what 'Home Sweet Home' calls a "community organising grant".

Just before last Christmas, activists fed up with how the housing crisis was being managed took over an empty office block in Dublin city centre.

For the next month, they let homeless people sleep in Apollo House which is now being demolished to make way for a new development.

People donated things like bedding, furniture and food - as well as thousands of euro in cash.

When those staying in Apollo House moved on, not all of the donations had been spent and the Home Sweet Home group has now decided what to do with the money.

Today it announced it is setting up what it calls a "community organising grant".

It is inviting grassroots groups that are involved in campaigns to end homelessness to apply for the funding.

The group says anyone who made a donation and isn't happy with the plan can ask for a refund.


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