Walsh: I'll never get over false accusation of sex assault

Louis Walsh will “never get over” being falsely accused of sexual assault.

The 'X Factor' judge - who was cleared of claims he indecently assaulted a 24-year-old father in the toilets of a Dublin nightclub in April – said the incident had changed his life forever and left him afraid to go out in Dublin.

Speaking on ‘The Late Late Show’ on last night, he said: “I'll never get over it, I’ll never get over it. Ever. I'm afraid to go out in Dublin.”

The Irish music mogul, who impressed when he stood in for Simon Cowell on the US version of ‘X Factor’ earlier this week, previously revealed he considered retiring following the accusations.

"There's always the thought people could still believe it," he said. "And that has ripped me apart.

"I'm totally in shock and luckily it's going to have the right outcome. I was totally shafted.

"I thought: 'I just want to get out of this business, I want my life back.' Nothing, nothing, nothing is worth what I went through. No job, no money, nothing.”

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