Urban blames paparazzi for motorcycle crash

Singer Keith Urban has blamed the paparazzi for causing him to fall off his motorcycle.

The music star, who is married to Nicole Kidman, had been riding his bike in Sydney, Australia to an AA meeting on Monday, when the crash happened.

He says: "Today's incident was the result of one person's desire to do his job and my desire to maintain my privacy. Some have already attempted to inflate the facts, but the reality is this; while out riding to an AA meeting, a time when my privacy is especially important to me, I felt myself being pursued.

"I sped up, and in an effort to elude an oncoming car, which was making an illegal U-turn, saw no choice but to drop my bike."

"In actual fact, my pursuer came to my assistance, without taking photos, and helped me from the road. I returned home, got my car, and continued on my way."

Urban checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in California last year after confessing he had relapsed in his efforts to beat alcoholism.

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