United front for 'Twilight' stars at premiere

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart put their troubles behind them as they mounted a united front at the world premiere of the final 'Twilight' movie.

The couple, who split earlier this year after she admitted having an affair, were on the red carpet for the screening of the film in Los Angeles.

Stewart, 22, wore a nude lace dress with a strapless bodice as she attended the Nokia Theatre for 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II', with her hair in a vampish style swept over one shoulder.

British star Pattinson – who plays vampire Edward Cullen – donned a fitted green suit for the finale of the hugely successful series, based on the books by Stephenie Meyer.

The pair, who play a married couple on screen, saw their own low-key romance in the spotlight in the summer after Stewart – who plays Bella Swan – was pictured with married film-maker Rupert Sanders, who directed her in 'Snow White And The Huntsman'.

There was speculation about how the split would affect the publicity machine for the last 'Twilight' instalment, but they seem to have patched up their relationship.

Also at the screening were other regular faces from the films, including Taylor Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob Black, and Dakota Fanning, as well as author Meyer.

The premiere was attended by thousands of fans, many of whom had been waiting for hours to catch a glimpse of their screen idols.

Pattinson joked that, after the final outing for the 'Twilight' movies, he may never see a crowd like it again.

“I don’t know how many movies you get this for. I don’t know when it’s going to happen for me again,” he said.

Welsh actor Michael Sheen – who plays Aro, one of the leaders of the Volturi vampire coven – said of the premiere: “It’s amazing. This is a celebration of the fans as much as it is of anything else.

“They’re the ones who’ve made this so pop so it’s great to be able to share this with them.”

Sheen said he would have pleasure for years to come thinking about his work on the films.

“I’m more glad to be a part of it than sad that it’s over. I think it’s something I’ll think about fondly for years to come and it’s been a great thing to be a part of,” he said.

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