Tulisa nervous before love-scene filming

Tulisa Contostavlos was nervous before filming her first ever love scenes for her new video.

The UK ‘X Factor’ judge’s latest music video ‘Sight of You’ features the 23-year-old singer sharing a number of steamy scenes with ‘Shameless’ actor Jody Latham and Tulisa was terrified before shooting took place.

Speaking in ‘On Set With Tulisa’ on VIVA, she said: “I’ve never done any kind of love scene before, even in my past acting I’ve never had to kiss anyone, so it was pretty nerve-wracking. I think Jody was more nervous than me and I think the fact that he was, calmed me down a little bit. Once we did it, it was fine, we just nailed it.”

Jody was Tulisa’s first choice for the male lead in the video as she felt it needed “a lad, kind of geezerish, a bit of a naughty lad”.

Tulisa also revealed the music video was inspired by her own experience of a former boyfriend who stole money from her and blew it on gambling.

She explained: “I just wanted it to feel real, I wanted it to feel like the kind of people that are my fan base that can watch and relate to it and be like ‘oh I’ve been through that with my fella’. I still go out when I’m not working rocking hoodies and so for me it wasn’t actually far away from what I wear in real life.”

VIVA is showing ‘On Set With Tulisa’ today at 2.30pm.

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