The Stone Roses 'planning new album'

The Stone Roses have started writing songs for their new album, according to Suede frontman Brett Anderson, who is a friend of bass player Mani.

Anderson told NME magazine: "I spoke to Mani a couple of months ago - I saw him at a party - and he said they'd written a couple of songs.

"I'd love to hear some new stuff from them. They were a really special band and I've got a lot of goodwill for them. It'll be nice to hear. Whether it's soon is another matter."

The album will be the group's first new material since 'Second Coming' in 1994.

A friend has previously said the indie music legends had planned to record new material as soon as they reunited.

The source said: "John [Squire] and Ian [Brown] have been sending each other ideas for over a year now.

"During rehearsals they have tried some new songs and really felt that the old magic was still there with the songwriting.

"They have decided they will give it another spin with new music."

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