Styles enjoys 'chasing' cheeky girls

Harry Styles wants to date a "cheeky" girl.

The One Direction heartthrob - who has been linked with a string of high-profile females including TV presenter Caroline Flack, model Cara Delevingne and singer Natalie Imbruglia - likes mischievous girls who play hard-to-get because he enjoys the "chase".

He said: "I'm looking for a girl who's cheeky and will make me chase her. The fun's all in the chase."

Harry admits the relentless speculation around his personal life is "ridiculous" as his friends are always mistaken for his girlfriends - and the resulting rumours make things hard when he does find someone he likes.

In an interview with Now magazine, he said: "The thing is, I do have friends - and I'd say more than 90 per cent of the people I get linked with are my friends. At the moment it appears I have, like, 7,000 girlfriends. It's just ridiculous. I think it's crazy.

"It does get in the way if I like someone. I'll say, 'I like you.' And they'll say, 'But what about this and this?' I have to tell them it's not true. But it gets a bit tiring too."

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