Sting busked to improve confidence

Rock superstar millioniare Sting once busked in disguise in London, to prove he could still make it if he lost everything.

The former Police frontman was haunted after an acquaintance warned him his career would end soon - and set out to prove them wrong.

Sting's longterm friend Jim Berryman writes in his book Sting and I: "He's an insecure bloke. Someone once told him he was getting on and would be finished soon.

"Sting said he could always go busking. He decided to prove it and went to a major London Underground station and was over the moon when he made £40.

"He pulled a hat down over his eyes, but one woman said: 'It's Sting.' The man behind her said: 'You silly cow. It's not him. He's a multi-millionaire.'"

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