Sheeran lost phones with new album on it at BRITs

Ed Sheeran lost a phone with his new album on it at the BRIT Awards.

The 'Give Me Love' singer was left worried when he couldn't find one of his mobile phones - which contains top secret tracks recorded for his follow-up to hit album, '+' - while at the music awards at London's The O2 last night.

Speaking to Absolute Radio's Pete Donaldson on the red carpet, he said: "I lost my phone. Not the one I use, but [this one] has no signal and has my album on it and it isn't locked."

The 22-year-old musician - who won two awards at last year's ceremony - insisted winning a BRIT Award didn't necessarily equate to long-term success, citing Welsh singer Duffy, whose second album 'Endlessly' failed to match the success of her worldwide hit 'Rockferry'.

When quizzed on whether winning at the BRITs made him feel like he had made it, he said: "No. Because Duffy won three. No, you just kind of keep on going I suppose."

While he is successful in his native Britain, Ed admits he wasn't under pressure at the Grammy Awards earlier this month - where he sang a duet with Elton John - because he's as well known in the US.

He explained: "I have not got to the point in America where people give a s**t about me yet so I was in a point where, yeah, people kind of cared about the big stars and I was kind of just happy to be there."

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