Sheeran has no interest in writing for Bieber

Ed Sheeran doesn't want to work with Justin Bieber.

The 'A Team' hitmaker - who has written tracks for acts including One Direction and Taylor Swift - thinks a collaboration with the 'Baby' hitmaker would be "very difficult" as he doesn't think two male singers work well together.

He said: "I don't think a collaboration would work with Justin.

"I think collaborations should be done with people that can actually click. Two male singers makes it very difficult for it to work."

Ed believes speculation he was to work with Justin came about after he had a meeting with the 18-year-old star's manager Scooter Braun over another of his artists, Tori Kelly.

Ed explained to The Sun newspaper: "I met Bieber's manager Scooter Braun in New York and he said he's got this artist I want you to write with.

"Next time I was in LA, I was doing Jimmy Kimmel's show and he brought this girl to Kimmel and I met her straight afterwards. I then went to the studio and did a song."

While Ed doesn't want to write for Justin, his friend Taylor recently revealed the 'Believe' hitmaker is one of several high profile admirers of the British star's work.

She said: "I think Ed is fast becoming the most in-demand songwriter in the world.

"It was a pleasure working with him. He has a real talent.

"Writing for One Direction has pretty much made him in demand from everybody.

"I know Justin Bieber loves his songs and I have heard Beyonce and Rihanna want him to write for them as well."

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