Rudd has 'full-on Irish pub' in his house

Paul Rudd has had many "wild nights" in the Irish pub in his house.

The 'This is 40' actor - who has children Jack, eight, and Darby, three, with wife Julie - has an Irish-themed bar in the basement of his New York home and admits it isn't unusual for his guests to stay until the next morning.

He said: "It's not a little bar - it's a full-on Irish pub. And there's a lot of English in it too because my parents were British.

"But we've had several wild nights there. Because it's so authentic and because it's in a house that's out in the middle of the woods, people really cut loose.

"I've had a few nights that have extended into mornings and people have just been legless."

While he enjoys having the home bar, Rudd insists he isn't a "heavy" drinker.

He added in an interview with Shortlist magazine: "I'm a happy and lively drunk. Or so I think.

"For someone who has a pub in their house, I'm not a very heavy drinker. I just like having it there."

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