Paul McCartney is one proud dad as daughter Mary takes Queen's portrait

Sir Paul McCartney has shared how proud he is of his photographer daughter Mary after her portrait of the Queen was used to mark the monarch’s milestone reign.

“Very proud of Mary McCartney,” he wrote on Twitter tagging his daughter. “What a way for me to celebrate the Queen’s achievement. God bless us all.”

Celebrity photographer Mary captured the Queen at work in a floral pink dress with one of her official red boxes of government papers.

She has described the Queen as a “beacon for womankind”.

Buckingham Palace issued the photograph, taken in her private audience room, to mark the date she became Britain’s longest reigning monarch, surpassing the record previously held by Queen Victoria.

Mary took to social media posting a picture of various newspapers which had used the new picture of the Queen on the front page.

Then up-popped Sir Paul, retweeting the Twitter comment and Instagram link to his 2.48 million followers.