No regrets for Madge's brother over tell-all book

Madonna’s brother doesn’t regret writing a tell-all book about her.

Christopher Ciccone spent 25 years working with his famous sister before falling out with her after writing the revealing tome ‘My Life With My Sister Madonna’ in 2008 but the pair have now repaired their relationship and Christopher has no regrets.

He told “It was something I needed to do so I didn’t go crazy. I needed to crawl out from that shadow.

“It’s been a bumpy road back. It’s a brother/sister thing now, which is great and where it needed to go.”

The 51-year-old designer previously admitted it took time for Madonna, 54, to get over her upset about the book but ultimately he believes the experience has been good for him and her.

He explained: "It's taken a bit to get there, as I understand, but she's my sister and from this point on it's us as brother and sister.

"It's great to reconnect and it wasn't just with her, after the book I really got the chance to reconnect with my family as well."

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