No Pink Floyd reunion at Live Earth

Former Pink Floyd star Roger Waters has dismissed speculation the rock supergroup will reform for former US Vice President Al Gore's upcoming Live Earth concert, insisting his ex-bandmates are not interested.

The group thrilled their legions of fans when band members put their differences aside and reformed for Live 8 in 2005, but Waters denies reports of a second reunion this summer.

"I can tell you that (the) others have not agreed to play it," he said.

The rocker said he cannot imagine why anyone would not agree to take part in the July super-gig, aimed at raising more awareness about environmental issues.

"People are getting frightened," he told Rolling Stone magazine.

"But fear can work for good and evil. It can build walls, and it can also motivate people to understand that a parochial, nationalistic attitude to matters that are global is not in our best interests."

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