Never Change boys, we're Addicted to You: Picture This rock Cork's Live at the Marquee

By Sally Gorman
Digital Journalist

As if we didn't have enough reasons to already love Picture This, the Kildare duo have only gone and smashed their opening night at Cork's Live at the Marquee.

With amazing stage presence, infectious energy and lyrics that will last a lifetime, it's incredibly difficult to believe that this band is only little over two years in existence.

The right amount of confidence teamed with a string of songs, each one better than the last, made for a memorable night at the Marquee - for anyone lucky enough to get tickets that is.

Take all of this and pair it with humbling happiness, genuine gratitude and a powerful passion for the profession and you've got Picture This.

Jimmy Rainsford and Ryan Hennessy, two twenty-something-year-olds on top of their game are absolutely owning the Irish music scene right now and I can't imagine they're ready to stop just there.

After kicking things off with 'Everything I Need' from debut album Picture This, the show just went from strength to strength.

Aesthetically pleasing live visuals, overall impressive production and just enough chit-chat from frontman Hennessey (in a Midlands accent I hope he never loses), added to the already electric atmosphere.

Fan favourite 'Let's Be Young' was followed shortly by 'Saviour' before the Athy duo performed their version of U2's 'With or Without You' which went down an absolute treat, especially with anyone over a certain age.

The gig was dominated by but not exclusive to tanned teens celebrating the end of the Leaving Cert and marking the start of summer but was enjoyed by couples and matures alike.

The boys toned things down with 'Dream', 'Difference' and 'Smell Like Him,' all performed in close concession before Hennessey graced the crowd with a tingling acoustic performance of 'Jane.'

Saving the best until last, 'Addicted to You' and 'You & I'were definitely the stand out tracks of the night with Rainsford claiming that Cork brings the "craziest crowd" who "sing the loudest."

Hennessy backed this one up as he was forced to begin 'Addicted to You' panned out on the floor "out of breath," complaining he had to "work out more" after he bounced around the stage belting out the top tracks.

After seeing him topless, tattoos and all, I'm sure most people in attendance would disagree!

Hennessy fed off the crowd's energy and enjoyment, his own eclectic personality shone from start to finish and this band is everything you'd expect from men their age - honest, edgy and emotional.

The encore was made up of 'This Morning', 'Take My Hand' and new single 'When We Were Young' with 'Take My Hand' of course taking centre stage.

The lads most notable number brought the roof down and led to an emotional and heartfelt thank you from both.

We appreciate everything you do.

And after branding the Cork crowds "legends" they even admitted that they want to come back and play every year. Here's hoping eh?

Given the level of their success in such a short space of time and taking into account their groundbreaking popularity and demand, the Athy natives have managed to keep an admirable, grounded and appreciative composure which can only be applauded.

Never Change boys, we're Addicted to You.

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