'Modern Family' star Ferguson to marry next year

Jesse Tyler Ferguson will tie the knot next year.

The 'Modern Family' star and his lawyer fiance Justin Mikita have hired a wedding planner to help them put the big day together and just hope they can find a venue in time.

Jesse, 36, told E! News: "I did go get a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine but it's really a lot of over-the-top stuff, a lot of bridesmaids' gifts. Neither one of us ever dreamed of getting married.

Maybe in the back of our heads we did, but we don't have a book of our dream wedding . . . It's a lot of learning as we go."

Justin added: "It's about the venue.”

Jesse and Justin have just launched their own line bow ties, through their Tie the Knot Foundation, which supports the fight for marriage equality.

He said: "It's just a fun way to spruce up an outfit. Men don't get fun, exciting things to wear."

They worked together on the project and Justin said it was easy because they both have different approaches to their work.

He said: "I adore Jesse in all ways and I think we are very compatible personally and business-wise. He's much more creative and I'm more business-oriented. I get stressed out and have certain ways of doing things and Jesse can deal with it for the most part and that's half the battle."

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