La Roux singer tells of bullying

Elly Jackson

La Roux singer Elly Jackson was bullied for being a “lesbian boy”.

The chart-topping pop star was almost taken out of school because of taunts she received about her appearance.

She explained: “There was an especially dark period where I nearly had to leave my primary school after this one girl relentlessly told everyone I was a lesbian and/or a boy.

“Which, when you’re eight and a mixed-up tomboy, is really upsetting and confusing. I got asked out for a joke quite regularly. I just grew to hate everything about the way I looked.”

Despite the torment she endured, the ‘Bulletproof’ star admits she understands why she was singled out by some of her peers.

She said: “I was big, fat, ginger, had size nine feet and looked like a boy. Nothing was really working in my favour was it?"

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