Kensit wants 'Holby City' character to have baby

Patsy Kensit is desperate for her 'Holby City' character to get pregnant.

The actress' alter-ego Faye Morton ties the knot in the medical drama this week and Patsy – who recently married herself for the fourth time – is keen for her to have a baby.

The mother-of-two said: “I would love to get pregnant on the show because I do get quite broody.”

Patsy admits she underwent a strict diet regime to fit into the scarlet red dress Faye wore when she wed fellow medic Joseph Byrne.

She said: “I was being so strict with my diet.”

Talking about the dress, Patsy said: “I remembered when Paula Yates got married she wore a beautiful, red Vivienne Westwood dress, and I thought that would be good for me.

“It sets the tone for the day – the scarlet woman who’s very exciting and dangerous.”

Faye and Joseph’s wedding ceremony can be seen tomorrow night.

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