Jagger surprised by Bowie comeback

Mick Jagger admits he was surprised by David Bowie's comeback.

The legendary Rolling Stones frontman was surprised by the 'Space Oddity' singer's comeback - releasing a new song 'Where Are We Now' on his birthday in January - and was freaked out by the video to the song.

"That's a funny one, Bowie's return," he said.

"The two faces video thing? Kind of weird, innit?

"That was a big surprise, I suppose, Bowie. There was no big hype before that."

The 'Brown Sugar' vocalist was also recently impressed by the opening ceremony of the Olympic games last summer in London, for the way it captured the British spirit.

He added to NME magazine: "The opening ceremony was fantastic in its Englishness, I thought, and rather wonderful in the way it unfolded. I wasn't there, but I watched it all on the telly with my little gang around me."

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