J-Lo 'not a traditional mother'

Jennifer Lopez treats her children like little adults.

The 'Dance Again' singer - who has five-year-old twins, Max and Emme, with ex-husband Marc Anthony - admits her mother Guadalupe Rodriguez is often surprised by her non-traditional attitude towards her children.

The 43-year-old star told People.com: "I think it's kind of inevitable that you pick up on the way you were raised and that's how you do it. Me and my sister, it's funny, we have kind of a way of raising the kids that I think my mom kind of goes 'Huh?'

"She was much more traditional, again it was things were done in a certain way, but me and my sister take more of a talking approach and we believe that they are little adults, and they deserve to be listened to, where as it was like 'Be quiet, do what you're supposed to do, I'm the adult'.

"So you know, you take what you can but every once in a while that mom thing that you grew up with comes out, it's like, 'Stop it, I'm the mom'."

But Jennifer, who has been dating her back-up dancer Casper Smart, real name Beau Paul Smart, for 19 months, insists she has a huge amount of love and respect for her mother.

She explained: "I was lucky and I was raised by a great mom who was fun and loved music, and who was young and vibrant, and I took that with me."

The actress and singer is looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day in the US on Sunday (12.05.13) as she has really enjoyed the occasion in the past.

She said: "My favourite Mother's Day was my first one and the last one was pretty great. My first one, obviously the first time you're a mom and you realise that Mother's Day is coming and it actually means something different to you than it did all those years, was amazing.

"And then my last one was pretty special. My mom flew out, my sister was here, Beau made us a beautiful brunch outside and then kind of left us alone so it was kind of a girls' day, it was really nice. It was really great."

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