'Homeland' star sure public will 'go off' series soon

Damian Lewis thinks people will "go off" 'Homeland' soon.

The 41-year-old actor stars opposite Claire Danes in the critically-acclaimed drama series - which is currently in its second season - and though the show has won a string of awards and amassed millions of viewers, the British star doesn't think it will remain popular forever.

He told Vogue magazine: "I'm quite sure everyone will go off 'Homeland' soon.

"When it gets to the seventh series and Claire Danes and I are like a twisted version of 'The Waltons', living in the middle of nowhere with our seven ginger children."

Damian has previously spoken of how close he is to co-star Claire and insists he doesn't get embarrassed when they have intimate scenes together.

He said: "I always invite her round for brunch - Eggs Benedict is my specialty.

"We don't even get embarrassed about our sex scenes - they're more like awkward adolescent gropes."

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