Holden cherishing Christmas with longed-for baby Hollie

Amanda Holden will have a "lovely" Christmas with her new baby.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge is looking forward to spending time with her loved ones during the festive period, including her husband Chris Hughes and daughter Alexa, six, and thinks it will be even better this year with the new addition to the family - her 11-month-old daughter Hollie Rose.

She said: "I'm with my whole family this Christmas and it will be lovely to have the baby as well."

Amanda, 41, was left fighting for her life during her childbirth with Hollie in January, but she revealed the young tot is now doing "amazing".

She told BANG Showbiz: "[Hollie's] amazing, she's .... We call it skydiving at the moment: she lays on her tummy and lifts up her arms and kicks. She's not really crawling! I mean she's skydiving - not many babies do that these days!"

Amanda also added that she plans to buy one of her dogs a special Christmas outfit, but is worried they won't be "butch" enough for her pet pooch Rudie.

When asked whether any of her pets will receive an outfit from the event, she said: "Maybe for Christmas Day one of them might - but I don't think Rudie will speak to me again, they're not very butch!"

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