Fans flock to Gere hotel venture

Richard Gere and his wife Carey Lowell have been inundated by fans desperate to catch a glimpse of the 'Pretty Woman' star since they renovated and started running a luxury hotel earlier this year.

On one occasion, Gere was forced to confront a team of women who were side-stepping along a high stone wall near the Bedford Post Inn, New York in a bid to be close to him.

He explained to W magazine: "They just kept walking toward me, waving and saying, 'We've come on zee bus. We are from Monaco. Hello, Richard!'

"They had gone past six 'Do Not Enter' signs. They were the ladies' garden tour from Monaco and they wanted pictures. I said, 'Get down from there!'

"We're trying to invent something else. I'll be doing the room service!"

However, the couple are unsure how much longer they will work on the eight-bedroom guesthouse, despite making it an instant success.

Lowell explained: "We do still sometimes have those conversations where we say, 'Can we sell it now and move on? Is it over yet?' "

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