Efron reveals crush on supermodel Banks

Zac Efron had a huge crush on Tyra Banks as a teenager.

The 25-year-old actor - who previously dated his 'High School Musical' co-star Vanessa Hudgens for almost four years until December 2010 - has revealed he would love to meet the 39-year-old supermodel and 'America's Next Top Model' judge in the flesh as he has lusted after her for years.

The 'Are We Officially Dating' star told Parade.com: "I had a poster of Tyra Banks in my bedroom. She was the only girl I really had a crush on. Other than her, the rest of my posters were skateboards, BMX bikes, and Tony Hawk."

He added: "I hope we get to hang out soon. I haven't gotten to meet her yet."

Zac recently broke his hand during an on set fight with Dave Franco.

The heartthrob was filming a fight scene with his 'Townies' co-star when he injured his hand and although he broke a bone, doctors couldn't fit him with a cast because he had to return to work.

Zac has been spotted on the Los Angeles set of the movie with his right hand heavily bandaged.

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