Drew favours jeans and T-shirts over figure-hugging outfits

Drew Barrymore says tight clothing doesn't "work well" for her body.

The 38-year-old actress - who gave birth to her first child, daughter Olive, in September 2012 - admits she avoids any figure-hugging outfits because she doesn't think they compliment her.

Quizzed about what she most loves to wear, she said: "Definitely boots, jeans and T-shirts that drape. I have the type of body on which tight things do not work well. Tight shows all my flaws. If something is incredibly tight, I'm not walking out that door. So a drape cut works for me and a great pair of faded jeans. I grew up in Levi's - weathered, torn, and good through a billion washes."

The A-list star has her own make-up line, Flower, and while acting is her primary career she loves being involved in the beauty industry.

She gushed to the new issue of InStyle UK magazine: "I want to spend a lot more of my time on it because it's something I've been passionate about since I was a kid. I love beauty.

"I enjoy business and making things. I love everything related to beauty and putting all of it together: the packaging, the formula, the presentation."

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