Dr Eva apologises to Operation Transformation leader Charlotte after 'cop on' comments

Operation Transformation's Dr Eva Orsmond has apologised to team leader Charlotte O'Connell after her heated comments on last week's show.

The two clashed over Charlotte's failure (by a half pound) to reach her goal weight loss for the week, with Dr Eva telling 23-year-old Charlotte to "cop on" and saying she was annoyed by her tears.

On The Saturday Night Show, host Brendan O'Connor asked Orsmond if she regretted the way she had spoken to O'Connell.

She replied: "I do. I think it was too harsh. But you need to remember I have a little bit different background as well...so I would say things more straight."

This morning Dr Eva admitted she had overreacted to Charlotte's failure to reach her goal weight loss and apologised for "the way and the tone (in which) I spoke to you last week".

Charlotte said she "really appreciated" the apology.

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