David Rodigan and Benji B's playlists set to Planet Earth II somehow make it even better

Surely everyone’s highlight of the week at the moment is 8pm on a Sunday night.

Why? Because that’s the time Planet Earth II graces our screens, duh.

If you are indeed as big a fan of Sir David Attenborough’s soothing tones as we are, we have something that’s (possibly) even better – the Planet Earth II Playlists, available on BBC iPlayer right now.

Yes, that’s 30 minutes of music set to footage from everyone’s favourite documentary series. Total dream viewing – especially because it’s footage that has never been seen before on the show. Ooh, the BBC knows how to make us feel special.

First up is Jungles by David Rodigan – set to extraordinary footage from Costa Rica and Australia, the reggae legend has chosen an awesome selection of new and classic reggae and dub. It’s exactly the sort of music you’d expect from him, on top of more beautiful greenery than you can possibly ever imagine.

Definitely one for you if the jungle episode was your fave yet … you’ll feel crazy chilled out, even without any footage of sloths.

Or, feast your eyes (and ears) on Benji B’s Planet Earth II mix – an enchanting selection of new electronic music, paired with insanely mesmerising aerial and drone footage from across the series of Planet Earth II. Yes, at one point you see a lone lizard adventure across the sand and, you know what, it’s pretty epic.

The sort of artists that have made the playlist are Flying Lotus, Actress, Alice Coltrane and Carl Craig, FYI.

Meanwhile, in another totally laid-back playlist, images of the canyonlands of Utah are paired with acoustic music, picked by Radio 1′s Huw Stephens.

Pretty sure we’ll be watching these again and again … Planet Earth II, the gift that just keeps on giving.


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