Cumberbatch: More TV Sherlock on the way

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch said he is “sure” they will make more episodes of the hit show.

The third series starts on New Year’s Day and the actor said he wanted to “make it work” around his film career which includes a role in the critically acclaimed 12 Years A Slave.

He said: “We’ll make it work. We’ve done it three times now and we’ll do it again, I’m sure”.

Co-star Martin Freeman, whose own career has taken off with the leading role in The Hobbit trilogy, said the show had the potential to follow Holmes and Watson’s adventures for years.

He said: “They’re catching us when we’re still relatively young compared to other incarnations of them.

“Or sometimes other people’s image of Holmes and Watson were older than when we started it so we might grow into it; you never know”.

He also said he enjoyed having his wife, Amanda Abbington, in the show as his on-screen wife Mary.

He said: “If you’re lucky enough to work with your Mrs or your Mr and you actually want to and you get on with them, it does help. And if you’re filming away from home you can see them more than you would be normally, you actually get to share a car in and a car out”.

Cumberbatch, who appeared at a screening of the first episode of the new series at the British Film Institute (BFI) in London today, said viewers would find out more about his character’s relationship with his brother Mycroft, played by the show’s co-creator Mark Gatiss.

He said: “One of my favourite things is Mycroft and Sherlock’s relationship. It really expands and you get much more detail about who they are and where they came from and what they mean to each other”.

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