Cheryl worried she has Tourette's Syndrome

Cheryl Cole can't stop swearing.

The 'Promise This' hitmaker is concerned she has developed Tourette's Syndrome - a condition where sufferers are stricken by physical and verbal tics and spontaneously shout out obscene language - because she can't keep her foul mouth under control.

She tweeted: "Question! Can you develop turrets at age 29?? Have had a few involuntary outbursts lately?!!! (sic)"

When a fan suggested it could be the result of returning to her fellow "crazy Geordies" in her hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne for Girl's Aloud's tour earlier this week, she added: "Maybe that's it!! (sic)"

Cheryl has previously admitted to sending an expletive-filled text message to Simon Cowell after she was fired from 'The X Factor' USA just days into her contract.

The 'Call my Name' hitmaker was stunned to be told by Richard Holloway, the show's executive producer, that the music mogul - who had criticised her "big hair" and the orange shirt and purple trousers she wore for the first day of auditions - wanted her off the programme, and she was particularly angry that her friend didn't break the news himself.

In her autobiography 'Cheryl: My Story', she wrote: "I was furious with Simon for letting it happen like this. I believed we had a good friendship and couldn't understand why he hadn't been straight with me.

"I wrote the longest text ever. 'F**k you, f**k 'Britain's Got Talent', f**k the orange and purple outfit. F**k big hair. F**k the UK X Factor. F**k you all.

"I hate you. I understand you're a businessman, and what I've learned from this is business means more to you than friendship. I'm sad it's got like this and I wish you the best of luck, but count me out.' Simon texted back, 'Can I talk to you?' I ignored him."

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