Cheryl plans £50,000 splurge on watch for Tre

Cheryl Cole is planning to splash out £50,000 on a watch for her boyfriend this Christmas.

The 'Under the Sun' singer is to celebrate the festive season with dancer boyfriend Tre Holloway - who she has been dating since summer - by buying him a fancy timepiece.

A source said: "She wants to buy Tre an extravagant £50,000 watch for Christmas to signify their time together.

"She has even joked she'd love to spend Christmas with Tre in bed, wearing a onesie, opening presents and watching cheesy movies."

However, one person who is reportedly off the 29-year-old star's Christmas list is her ex-husband Ashley Cole, who she divorced in 2010, as she has asked him not to contact her over the festive period.

The source added: "Cheryl has told Ashley not to contact her over Christmas and has told him not to buy her any gifts after he sent her a beautiful diamond bracelet last year.

"She's also decided not to even send him a card like she did last year as Tre admitted he'd be uncomfortable if she did. She knows that time has come to draw a line under her past."

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