Brand doesn't rule out getting hitched again

Russell Brand wants to get married again.

The 'Arthur' actor says he is open to tying the knot for a second time even though his first marriage, to Katy Perry, ended in divorce after just 14 months.

He told E! News: "I suppose [I will get married again], if I meet the right man or woman.”

Before marrying Katy in October 2010, Russell, 37, says he was so obsessed with sleeping around, it took over his life.

He said: "I was once so devoted to 'sh**ging' I would forget to eat. I was like those people in China who die because they're so into their Xbox they stop having dinner. I prioritise other things now, like meditation and yoga.

"I spend more time meditating than having sex. Isn't that good? It was unthinkable five years ago. I think the quality of the sh**ging has improved, though.

"Yoga gives you an understanding of chakras and energy and how to umbrella the G-spot."

While he has been linked to a string of women since his marriage ended, Katy, 28, is in a serious relationship with singer John Mayer.

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