Young Offenders finale aired last night and people are devastated

By Anna O'Donoghue

Alright boi, it’s the show everyone’s been talking about, like - The Young Offenders.

And if you haven't been watching it, where have you beeeeeeeen? *Said in Cork accent*

The 6-part series follows the coming of age adventures of lovable rogues Conor and Jock, played by Alex Murphy and Chris Walley, and since its airing it’s been quickly deemed as one of the best projects RTÉ have produced in years.

Last night marked its season finale, and to say people were devastated it's over, is an understatement.

Pass the tissues …

To help fans fill the Jock and Conor shaped holes in their lives, Cork County Council are proposing a Young Offenders walking tour of Cork City, highlighting the landmarks featured in the series.

Places such as Patrick’s Hill, The English Market and Bell’s Field.

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