Young baseball fans get puppy after dad’s home run promise

Two young baseball fans are the proud owner of a puppy thanks to a very public promise their dad could not go back on.

Lola Labodda, six, and her four-year-old sister Libby attended a Major League Baseball game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the St Louis Cardinals last month carrying a sign that read: “Yelich, hit home run and my dad buys me a puppy!”

And Christian Yelich did not let them down, smacking a solo homer in the very first inning to put dad Mike in a very tough spot.

Well, not only did the two girls get their puppy but ahead of Monday’s Brewers game – again against the Cardinals – they had their brand new pet presented to them by none other than Yelich himself.

And yes, the Labodda family are going to name him Yeli.

To make the evening even more special, Yelich went on to hit another three home runs that night. No word yet on whether the Labodda family will be getting another three puppies…

- Press Association

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